Fragrance of princesses and fairies

#May #diamonds # green # leaves # princesses # fairies

The month of May has always been a special time of year for me.

After a long cold winter , May lead me into a time of searching for sanctuary while walking the fields hunting for some beauty in my tortured world.

The leaves stand out to my eye like a diamond in a wealthy lady’s heart. The leaves were a sign of hope to a scent that would lift me into peaceful clouds . The green stood out amongst the old dead brown grass killed by winters wrath .

As I see some leaves, my heart grows light and my walking pace turns into a genealogical gallop. Bending down gently lift up the leaves to see if the flowers are opened yet . My small child hands almost tremble with excitement. I discover some small pink delicate flowers . It’s as if they were expecting me and wave with the spring wind.

The first one I pick goes straight to my nose and as I breath in through my nose , I’m washed away in bliss by the smell. Time stands still but for a second. The fragrance makes me thinks of princesses and fairies and they sit with me alone as my rescuers in a field at the edge of the woods.

Each year this was and still is something that I couldn’t go with doing. It is like a magnet that draws me during May.

Now at 55 bending over to pick isn’t as easy but enjoying them is just as wonderful as it was when I was 7. . I can only hope that each spring in the future , I can enjoy the smell of fairies and princesses.


Holding out my hands in frustration

# clouds #softly #energy #waves ashore

Holding out my hands in frustration ,

Clouds softly fall into to them

The softness sends a sense of peacefulness Through my tired body,

The heavy gravities of the day melt like ash in water ,

I feel energy wash over me like waves washing ashore ,

I find myself , and turn to look for the person who stood there just minutes ago with the ball and chains attached,

My hands are now empty, but my soul is full like that of acup that over flows .

Not all clouds bear darkness and steal from us. We just need to recognize the difference and sometimes stop trying to create and just allow.

Written by E.M.Rushton May 2019