The child who tried to borrow a mother and failed

Borrowing mothers as a child from each home I was in

Will this mother love me

Probably not , because my own didn’t

I will be extra good here

But sharing a mother isn’t wanted by the other children

Ugly names I’m called and told how unwanted I am , even by my own mother

I will sacrifice myself so this next mother will hold me instead of beat me

Ten homes later , and finding a mom to love me has failed. That’s ok . I understand. I’m ugly , I’m bad as the devil even though I’m scared to death to do wrong.

At age 18 , my quest to find a mother to love me has failed . Find a mother to be pet of be is like forcing the wrong glass slipper on Cinderella. It shatters!

Though our my adult life I still walk this earth with the need to find a mother to claim me as theirs. At 55 , I now give up on the need I needed so badly my whole life.

I am Nobody’s child who rose above , who made me who I am . I was the child who raised herself without a mothers love yet today I am the the mother of a 32 years old son who is loved dearly, and who loves his motherless mother.

Thank you son for your love .