As I Walk Through The Valley

As I walk through the valley of smoke and flame
I tell you my friend , this is no game
The fear I feel deep down inside
I must suppress, I must hide
The devil himself
sets doubt in my mind
As I struggle to escape
using the hose line
The thoughts that I think
Of all I may lose
But this is my calling
And this I choose
As the smoke and heat intensify
I cry oh Lord
Please don’t let me die
Then all of a sudden through the door I feel
My brothers hand
In mine it seals
As I struggle to see
Through the mask on my face
I reach for my brother
And there we embrace
At the end of the day
With my family I pray
My sisters and brothers
Please keep from harms way

Written by E.M .Rushton. All copyrights ©️reserved by E M Rushton 2015

# As I Walk Through The Valley

12 thoughts on “As I Walk Through The Valley

      1. I’m am new to blogging and trying to find my way. I only post the 1st part because there is so much more to my story. But then I got frustrated because I wasn’t getting any comments or followers. And thought maybe it wasn’t something for me. But I so want my story out there. What you have read is nothing compared to what’s ahead in the rest of it

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      2. When you write your blog on WP go to the little black gear and click on it then on catagories and you can make a list of catagories that people might search. Also add one or two word tags in the box and they also will show up for each blog you post.

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