Where will I go from here ?

How does a thought enter our brains ? Today while driving home from the store , a random thought from no where enters my mind. I find myself askIng , “what i will achieve next , or will I achieve anything else “?

Considering at the age of 12 , I was considered environmentally retarded and classified as stupid, my achievements to date have been pretty much astounding.

With my childhood of severe abuse and at times torture and life threatening, I have still succeeded in raising a good son as a single parent. That according to health officials couldn’t happen and they wanted me to give my child up at birth. ” With your past history of childhood abuse , you are likely to abuse your own child ” they said. I refuse to accept that and never once abused my child. My child actually saved my soul and life because I had him to be strong for.

Then at age of 40 I became a professional firefighter and a volunteer firefighter. Firefighting isn’t all flame and glory. One must be able to deal with extreme situations that most will never deal with. I climb the ranks to the top. Again I had many who shed doubts when I started yet shan I proved them wrong.

I have written many beautiful poems and stories.

All these are above what I was supposed to achieve. So now I wonder if I have reached my limit? What else is there to achieve for me ? Should I be happy with where I am. ? My answer is that , every day I live and successfully get through the day , then I continue to achieve. Some achievements stand out more than others , but it’s the hidden ones that allow us to make the more noticed ones.

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